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Stick-On Rolls have an adhesive backing to eliminate slip and increase cut efficiency. Rolls can be easily cut to adhere to many shapes for detailed sanding. For superior comfort and efficiency use with our 2¾” Stick-On Hand Sanding Pad.Features & Benefits• P-grade, heat-treated, aluminum oxide abrasive.• Consistent scratch pattern and finish.• Full resin bond system• Improved grain adhesion and longest life.• Unique fiber-reinforced, B-weight latex-saturated backing.• 50%-60% improvement in tear strength, superior resistance to delamination.• Flexible – can be wet.• PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) backing.• Special, undyed stearate oversize and an open coat• Superior load resistance and extended life – no color transfer to work

2¾″ Premier Red Aluminum Oxide Stick-On 25 Yard

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